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Jane Mims, Professional Management Coach

Jane Mims has more than 20 years experience in management and building teams. She is a Professional Management Coach with a passion for effective communication and functional teams.

Coach Jane helps upper and middle managers improve communication, effectiveness, and build successful teams through quality leadership. Her varied professional background includes sales, marketing, fundraising, journalism, advertising, and fashion modeling. That experience gives her a signature style effective in creating clarity, goal setting,

goal achievement, and allows her to be adaptable in varied professional environments.

Jane has a passion for individual life coaching as well, which she wraps back around to the idea of management: time and situation management, self-knowledge/realization, and self-discipline. 

Jane is certified in The Emerson Suite, an online and app based management effectiveness system, and is a certified coach through the International Coaching Federation accredited CoachVille Center for Coaching Mastery. Coach Jane's Stress Management Life Coaching is certified through the Empowerment Expert Academy. She is an Emmy award-winning journalist who loves to run, volunteer in her community, practice yoga and read. Mindfulness, awareness, and the practice of active gratitude are part of Jane’s daily life and mission. She brings all of them into her coaching style.

She lives in Memphis, TN with her husband Bob, daughter Holland, two spirited dogs, and one giant cat.


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Coaching Core Programs

Coaching is important for anyone who wants to win. We have several coaching programs, and can custom build them to suit your needs. Request a free strategy session to learn what professional coaching can do for you and your business.

Management Core Program

Most management issues occur because of a breakdown in communication. Without clear communication, effective team building and optimum performance can't exist.

The Management Core Program focuses on senior and middle managers to:

  • Identify what is blocking and preventing clear communication

  • Discover unrealized skill within your team to increase productivity and effectiveness of each individual for the benefit of the whole

  • Gain control of your time and priorities

  • Increase your capacity to absorb and handle problems

  • Enhance your productivity at work to achieve higher performance ratings

  • Overcome challenges quickly & more easily

  • Develop confidence to assist in decision making

Through the Management Core Program, your life and circumstances will be simplified to create a healthier and more efficient environment. Sessions are conducted individually with group debriefs available depending on your needs.

The program period is 12 months, and provides constant feedback and trouble-shooting support. Complete the form at the bottom of this page to request a free 30-minute strategy session. 

Crew Core Program

Your employee’s problems are not always about work. The Crew Core Program is designed to assist your employees in several areas of their lives so when they show up for the job, it’s a job well-done with maximum focus.

In this process, employees explore their core strengths and values, learning to apply them to work, and draw support for them from work. Your staff will learn:

  • Their individual areas of natural strengths to purposefully put them into action

  • How their values impact work, and how to navigate working alongside others with different value sets

  • Communication patterns they use that do not support productivity with the goal of learning new and more productive patterns

  • How to turn internal focus to external utilization of their strengths.

  • Time management tools and habits that can increase productivity and provide a higher level of satisfaction in all areas of life

The Crew Core Program helps employers get the most out of their staff.

There are 6 month and 12 month program period options available depending on the needs of the client. This program involves both private and group coaching. Complete the contact form at the bottom of this page to request a free 30-minute strategy session.

Core Communication Program

Understanding how our verbal and non-verbal communications impact the world around us is key to success.

The Core Communication Program uses methodology from traditional Executive Management Coaching and Life Coaching to get to the heart of the individual, unlock the person’s full potential, and teach them how to use it.

Participants of the Core Communication Program will:

  • Explore their conscious and sub-conscious belief system to find where resistance exists

  • Identify the types of resistance so a realistic plan to overcome it can be designed and put into action

  • Examines hidden fear within the person to see how it plays a part in holding them back

  • Replay critical moments of choice to illustrate replicable successes and avoidable mistakes

  • Increase awareness of positive and negative energies in their life, learn how to control the impact of each, increase the positive impacts, and propel it to achieve their goals

  • Identify pattern language and the role it plays in degrees of success

  • Find new areas of self-worth that will skyrocket their emotional and physical well-being across all areas of life

  • Expand their outlook for successes professionally and personally

The Core Communication Program is a 6-month commitment, and involves private coaching. Depending on the client’s needs, group debrief can be involved for feedback, re-focusing of intentions, and as closure for the program. Complete the contact form below to request a free 30-minute strategy session.

Core Choices Program

Utilizing the methodology of “play language,” the Core Choices Program is a great fit for people across all lifecycles of their career and personal journey.

Examining a person’s “big game” (or main goals/focus) with private coaching sessions, each participant of the Core Choices Program will discover:

  • How to overcome obstacles and face fear

  • Why every situation presents the opportunity for growth and success

  • Ways to influence the outcome of individual and group decisions

  • The importance of defining and tracking professional and personal goals

  • How to communicate with difficult people

  • Ways to reduce the resistance of others who may inhibit success

  • How to simplify tasks and define responsibilities

The Core Choices Program is a popular option for professional and personal goals, and can be used as either a management tool or as a life coaching program.

The program term can vary from 6 to 12 months depending on the client’s needs. Complete the contact form at the bottom of this page to request a free 30-minute strategy session. 

Custom Coaching Program

Every coaching session is customized for the client(s) involved, however, for further customization from the four options listed here, please reach out and we'll design something just for you.  Just complete the contact form below and we'll be in touch.

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